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Hu: Rule of law is fundamental to Party
Updated: 2006-07-04 08:15

The rule of law is fundamental to government, Chinese President and General Secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, Hu Jintao, said yesterday.

Under the leadership of the Party, the rule of law should let the people be the masters of the country, Hu said.

The Party is built for the public and it exercises state power for the people, and all its work should focus on and serve the fundamental interests of the people.

"The government must function by the mandate of the people, empathize with the feelings of the people, and work for the wellbeing of the people," Hu said.

Hu told a meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee that governance in a scientific and democratic way and in accordance with the law would significantly strengthen the administrative capability and the progressive nature of the Party.

The Party should consistently reform and improve its governance and serve the people, while demonstrating, developing and maintaining its vanguard character.

Hu said the Party came to realize the importance of the rule of law by deepening its knowledge of its own administration and summarizing its practice and experience.

Adherence to the rule of law showed the Party clearly perceived its historic role and task in building a socialist society with Chinese characteristics.

"To rule in a scientific way is a premise to the success of the Party," Hu said.

"The Party shoulders the task of governing and rejuvenating the country. To achieve this goal, the Party should lead the people to construct the country in a scientific way, and endeavor to realize and protect the fundamental interests of the people."

Hu said policy making should proceed in a scientific way and welcome more public opinions, so that policies could be objective and conform with people's wishes.

The Party should push forward democratic governance by establishing a democratic mechanism and a set of procedures to ensure the people are the masters of the country.

Hu said China should ensure that people actively and innovatively participate in election, policy-making, administration and supervision.

Democracy within the Party should also be improved to strengthen supervision over the use of power, and ensure that power given by the people was used for the people.


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