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More protections to avoid attack on police
(Shanghai Daily)
Updated: 2006-06-06 09:03

On-duty traffic policemen were attacked in 76 cases this year, with one dead, six severely-injured and 93 slightly-injured, China's Public Security Bureau said Monday.

In 45 cases, officers were beaten when dealing with traffic violators, and police vehicles were damaged in 26 cases. In 5 cases, police were beaten while they were handling traffic accidents.

The bureau said such cases mainly happened because attackers refused to obey orders, they didn't comply with the punishment or they were trying to flee the officers.

Policemen should protect themselves and take precautionary measures to avoid such cases, by taking part in professional training programs.

A batch of traffic police yesterday began patrolling with weapons in Changsha, Jinan Province, aiming to improve traffic conditions and to crackdown on the increasing amount of motorcyclists that steal and rob from pedestrians.

The armed policemen are all under 40 years old and they are highly trained. Traffic police in Fuzhou and Shenzhen are also equipped with weapons now.