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Hotline set up for reporting corruption
Updated: 2006-05-28 09:22

The Communist Party of China is reminding the public of a hotline to report corrupt and illegal practices during the election of local Party committees.

Party members will elect senior cadres in provincial, municipal, county and village committees throughout this year and next.

The organization department of the CPC Central Committee said members of the public could call the "12380" hotline to report any breach of discipline, but in particular, it was seeking information on:

- leading officials violating the regulations on cadre selection;

- instances of candidates violating discipline, being dishonest or failing to implement the conception of scientific development;

- nepotism, or appointments in return for bribes or favors;

- bribery of election officials;

- defamation and smear tactics by officials.

The organization departments of local Party committees were instructed to deal promptly with information, to thoroughly investigate all reports and punish corrupt officials.

Since the hotline opened in March 2004, 3,591 officials have been penalized or prosecuted based on tips from the hotline.


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