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Taxi-fare hikes approved

By Liu Weifeng in Beijing; Miao Qing in Shanghai (China Daily)
Updated: 2006-04-27 06:06
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Many taxi drivers are reportedly opposed to the new pricing plan for fear the rising fares will turn more customers away to unlicensed cabs, estimated at 72,000, compared to 66,000 licensed ones.

At a similar public hearing held in Shanghai this month, most participants supported fare hikes.

But many suggested that local taxi companies shoulder more of the costs rather than passing them on to passengers.

Fares have not been raised in Shanghai since 1998, but operation costs have risen by up to 38 per cent, mostly because of soaring oil prices. The flag-down fare is now 10 yuan (US$1.2) while the price per kilometre beyond 3 kilometres is 2 yuan.

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