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US: Hu Jintao's visit 'a key milestone'
Updated: 2006-04-07 07:45

The upcoming visit to the United States by Chinese President Hu Jintao will represent a key milestone in efforts that the two countries work together to contribute to international growth and stability, US State Department deputy spokesman Adam Ereli said at a briefing on Thursday.

"This visit will represent one of the key milestones" in the "broad and complex undertaking" that both countries work together "to contribute to international growth and stability in ways that benefit both our countries," Ereli said at the National Press Center briefing.

"This is an opportunity for the leaders of these two great nations to once again meet, to once again reaffirm their strong commitment to a healthy relationship, one in which there are many convergent interests," Ereli said when answering questions from Xinhua.

The visit will also offer the United States an opportunity to raise the Chinese side issues that "we feel strong about," Ereli said.

As U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Robert Zoellick has pointed out, China is an important player on the international stage and the United States wants to work together with China in ways that help China meet its own development challenge as well as contribute to the growth and stability worldwide that benefits both countries, Ereli said.

"That is going to be the fundamental nature of the discussions between the two leaders," Ereli said, noting that the United States regards its relationship with China as a "critical" one both for the United States and for the world.

Chinese President Hu Jintao is expected to visit the United States later this month and U.S. President George W. Bush will meet with him at the White House on April 20.