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Abduct drill finds kids lack caution
(Shanghai Daily)
Updated: 2006-03-31 15:52

Seventy percent of children were "abducted" in a drill in a Hangzhou kindergarten, which aimed to increase its student's knowledge of personal safety, Hangzhou Daily reported today.

Dozens of parents mocked a real abduction scenario with each other's children. Ten out of 14 children fell for the trap.

A father named Su Zhijie told a three-year-old boy that their families used to play together and asked the boy to go with him. The boy believed him.

However, when another parent told a six-year-old girl that her father asked him to take her back home, the girl refused and ran away, even as he offered her candy. She said: "Teachers and parents told me that strangers who give me food are not good."

When a father criticized his son for seeing him "abducted" by a stranger so easily, the boy cried and said parents shouldn't cheat their children.

Teachers and parents were in shock by the drill results, although the kindergarten gave lessons to students about strangers, more preventative measure need to be taken.