A look back at the govt's 31 goals and achievements in 2017

China fulfilled its promises it made last year to improve the quality of people's daily lives, said the 2018 Government Work Report. Here are some of the highlights.

In the year just passed, all main targets and tasks for economic and social development were accomplished and performance has exceeded expectations. GDP grew 6.9 percent and personal income rose 7.3 percent, both beating the previous year's growth rates.

Around 13.51 million new urban jobs were created, and the jobless rate was the lowest in recent years. Industrial growth began to rebound, and corporate profits increased 21 percent. Government revenue grew 7.4 percent, reversing the slowdown in growth.

The total import and export value rose 14.2 percent. Inward foreign investment reached $136.3 billion, hitting a new all-time high.

The state of play in the economy was good, with growth and quality, structural improvement, and performance each reinforcing the other.

1Gross domestic product (GDP)

Target: around 6.5%

Result: 6.9 %

China's economy expanded 6.9 percent in 2017, well above the annual target of around 6.5 percent.

GDP totaled 82.7 trillion yuan in 2017, up from around 41.3 trillion yuan in 2010, when China first overtook Japan.

2Consumer price index (CPI)

Target: increase around 3%

Result: increased 1.6%

China's consumer price index (CPI), a main gauge of inflation, rose 1.6 percent year-on-year in 2017, down from 2 percent for 2016 and well below the government's target to hold the CPI at around 3 percent.

3New urban jobs

Target: over 11 million

Result: 13.51 million

A total of 13.51 million new jobs were created in urban areas in 2017, beating the target of more than 11 million in the government's report at the beginning of the year.

4Registered urban unemployment rate

Target: Within 4.5%

Result: 3.9%

China's registered unemployment rate in urban areas stood at 3.9 percent at the end of 2017, falling into the target range of within 4.5 percent set in the government's report.

5Energy consumption per unit of GDP

Target: decrease by at least 3.4%

Result: decreased by 3.7%

Nationally energy consumption per unit of GDP fell by 3.7 percent, meeting the goal of at least 3.4 percent.

6Balance of broad money supply (M2)

Target: grow by around 12%

Result: increased by 8.2%

The M2, a broad measure of money supply that covers cash in circulation and all deposits, grew by 8.2 percent to reach 167.7 trillion yuan, compared to the target of an increase of around 12 percent.

7Balance of funds in social financing

Target: grow by around 12%

Result: increased by 12 %

The existing funds for social financing totaled 174.6 trillion yuan at the end of 2017, up by 12 percent compared with that at the end of 2016. And this figure is well-matched with the goal of around 12 percent set for 2017.

8Cut capacity of steel production

Target: reduce by around 50 million metric tons

Result: reduced by over 50 million metric tons

More than 50 million metric tons of steel production has been reduced in the past year, reaching the target of around 50 million metric tons.

9Cut capacity of coal production

Target: shut down at least 150 million metric tons of coal production facilities.

Result: accumulatively cut down 250 million metric tons

China eventually cut down 250 million metric tons of coal production, beyond the target of shutting down at least 150 million metric tons of coal production facilities.

10Coal-fired power generation capacity cut

Target: suspend or postpone construction on or eliminate no less than 50 million kilowatts

Result: cut 65 million kilowatts

China has cut 65 million kilowatts of coal-fired power generation capacity, meeting the goal of no less than 50 million kilowatts.

11Shantytown renovation

Target: 6 million housing units

Result: more than 6 million shantytown apartments

China renovated more than 6 million shantytown apartments in 2017, beating the year's target of 6 million.

12Rural residents lifted out of poverty

Target: reduce by over 10 million

Result: reduced by 12.89 million

A total of 12.89 million rural residents got rid of poverty in 2017, overshooting the target of more than 10 million.

13Central govt funds in poverty alleviation

Target: increase by over 30%

Result: increased by 30.3%

Central government funds in poverty alleviation increased by 30.3 percent last year to reach 86.1 billion yuan, compared with the goal's more than 30 percent rise.

14Investment in railway construction

Target: 800 billion yuan

Result: 801 billion yuan

China met its annual target of investing 800 billion yuan in railway construction in 2017, spending 801 billion yuan on railway projects.

15Investment in highways, waterways

Target: 1.8 trillion yuan

Result: 2.27 trillion yuan

China actually invested 2.27 trillion yuan in highway and waterway projects, surpassing the target set for 1.8 trillion yuan.

16Start new water conservancy projects

Target: 15

Result: 16

The year of 2017 saw construction on another 16 major water conservancy projects begin, and the figure outnumbered the target's 15.

17New urban residents

Target: at least 13 million

Result: 13.3 million

In 2017, 13.3 million new urban residents were registered as permanent urban residents, as the year's goal was at least 13 million.

18Construction on underground utility tunnels

Target: at least 2,000 kilometers

Result: 2,004 kilometers

China began to construct 2,004 kilometers of underground utility tunnels in cities, achieving the target of at least 2,000 kilometers.

19Cropland areas irrigated with high efficiency

Target: add 1.33 million hectares

Result: added 1.44 million hectares

China planned to add 1.33 million hectares of farmland under highly water-efficient irrigation last year, while it resulted in 1.44 million hectares.

20Build or upgrade rural roads

Target: 200,000 kilometers

Result: 285,000 kilometers

China upgraded or built 285,000 kilometers of roads in rural areas, reaching the goal of 200,000 kilometers safely.

21Villages connected to fiber-optic networks

Target: 30,000

Result: 32,000

A total of 32,000 administrative villages connected to fiber-optic networks in 2017, and the figure is more than the goal set for 30,000.

22Sulfur dioxide emissions

Target: decrease 3%

Result: decreased 8%

Sulfur dioxide emissions in 2017 were reduced by 8 percent, much more than the 3 percent decrease set as the target.

23Nitrogen oxide emissions

Target: decrease 3%

Result: decreased 4.9%

Nitrogen oxide emissions in 2017 were actually reduced by 4.9 percent, well above the target of a 3 percent decrease.

24Chemical oxygen demand

Target: decrease 2%

Result: decreased 3.1%

In 2017, chemical oxygen demand dropped by 3.1 percent, while the target was a 2 percent decrease.

25Ammonia nitrogen emissions

Target: decrease 2%

Result: decreased 3.6%

In 2017, Ammonia nitrogen emissions dropped by 3.6 percent, while the target was 2 percent decrease.

26Replace coal with electricity, natural gas

Target: more than 3 million households

Result: 5.78 million households

In 2017, China took comprehensive steps to reduce non-centralized coal burning operations, promote clean winter heating in the northern region, and replace the use of coal with electricity and natural gas in 5.78 million households, compared with the goal of more than 3 million households.

27Return farmlands to forests and grasslands

Target: more than 800,000 hectares

Result: 820,000 hectares

China turned 820,000 hectares of marginal farmland into forests and grasslands, well accomplishing the target of more than 800,000 hectares.

28Medical insurance subsidies for rural and non-working urban residents

Target: 450 yuan per person each year

Result: 450 yuan per person each year

China lived up to its expectation on basic medical insurance subsidies for rural and non-working urban residents, ending 2017 with government subsidies up from 420 yuan to 450 yuan per person each year.

29Tax burdens on businesses and related fees

Target: ease by around 550 billion yuan

Result: cut by more than 1 trillion yuan

In 2017, more than 1 trillion yuan was eased in terms of tax burdens on business and business related fees, surpassing the goal of around 550 billion yuan.

30Upper limit of taxable income for small businesses

Target: 500,000 yuan

Result: 500,000 yuan

In 2017, China made good on the promise that for small businesses with low profits, it raised the upper limit of taxable annual income from 300,000 yuan to 500,000 yuan.

31Portion of R&D expenses covered by tax reductions for high-tech enterprises

Target: 75 percent

Result: 75 percent

China fulfilled its promise in 2017 that, for small and medium high-tech enterprises, the proportion of R&D expenses covered by the additional tax reduction policy was raised from 50 to 75 percent.

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