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China experience to be shared at G20 in Hangzhou

(CRIENGLISH.com) Updated: 2016-08-31 10:10 Comments

China experience to be shared at G20 in Hangzhou

An advertisement board shows organic food products around a farm run by AKA Holdings in Beijing. [Photo/CRIENGLISH.com]

"We have a very good model," says executive director of the farm Dong Xiaoyan. "It is called internet farm. Usually our customers come here to pick vegetables from our farmland, and if they think the products taste good, they can make orders through their cellphone. Then we will deliver the products to them. All steps involved in the process, including logistic information from delivery service, are recorded and can be tracked on the phone."

The farm is also open to the public to drop in a buy food. Miao Miao is one of a growing number of people who buy organic food online. She says that she's been concerned about food security for sometime now.

"Sometimes in China, the food problem makes people worried. If you buy those things online, they have very good fast delivery. The prices are affordable; they also have a very good quality. You can see people's comments and sometimes they show pictures and you know it very well."

In many ways, AKA and its clients represent the opportunities and challenges posed by the world economy in microcosm. Big and small clients have created a demand – AKA have spotted that demand and are satisfying it in a clever way.

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