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Prison-themed restaurant opens in Jilin

(People's Daily Online) Updated: 2015-08-27 07:29 Comments

Prison-themed restaurant opens in Jilin

The waiter sends prison set meal to the customer. [Photo/youth.cn]

Wanna dine behind the bars? A prison-themed restaurant opens in Jilin, Northeast China's Jilin province on Aug 24, 2015.

In the restaurant, customers eat in iron cages, and waiters send meals into the cages from cell doors. In addition, the restaurant has specially developed prison set meals, including wowotou (a kind of steamed corn bread).

Many customers are curious about the "life in prison" and come here to experience it. The owner of the restaurant says that the decorative style aims to attract the customers on the one hand, and to warn the citizens not to commit a crime on the other hand.

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