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An unusual coal mine tour in Yuncheng

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2015-08-13 14:38 Comments

An unusual coal mine tour in Yuncheng

Tourists wearing mining caps with headlamps walk through the passageway in the mine, under a safety notice on August 12, 2015. [Photo/CFP]

The teaching mine is composed of underground engineering and ground industrial square. The underground engineering with a length of more than 1900 meters demonstrates ten coal-mining related systems including coal mining,tunneling, electromechanical project, transporting and lifting, ventilating, security, geological drain, measuring, information automation and soft engine science.

Its governors also developed this teaching mine for tourism. Tourists can watch a vivid 3D teaching video and see real coal mining equipment inside the mine. This experience allows tourists to enter into the mine and get a real feel for underground operations.

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