Growing risk

15 arrested in bank card fraud scam

Chinese police have arrested 15 suspects in a bank card fraud case, whose illegal gains were estimated at 10 million yuan ($1.6 million).

Experts warn information security risks

Chinese experts warned of increasing loopholes in online safety as new technologies and applications pose fresh challenges to information security.

Online personal data theft increasing

Nearly 5 million users of Android-based smartphones were infected with Trojan horse in 2011, with 8.53 million computers hit by attempted attacks each day.

Business boom

China issues 3.23b bank cards by end of June

China issued 3.23 billion bank cards as of the end of the second quarter, an increase of 20.6 percent from a year earlier.

Information security sector growing

China's information security industry will generate 67 billion yuan ($10.5 billion) in revenue in 2015, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said.

Is your information safe?

Analysts said that various phone applications adored by smart phone users have become a new target for hackers to steal personal information.

Related policy

Personal data guidelines to be released

Guidelines will be released instructing businesses to collect personal information only when absolutely necessary and to delete it immediately after use.

China to set privacy protection standards

In a bid to better safeguard citizens' privacy, China will publish national standards for personal information protection in the first half of this year.

Call for information security law

A motion to the ongoing National People's Congress suggested that an information security law should be developed as soon as possible.

International practice

Finding privacy on the tell-all Web

Websites registers the inquiries you type into search engines about your weird rash. And, it scoops up your love-letter e-mails when its cars drive by your house.

EU wants Google to halt new privacy policy

European regulators has written to Google Inc calling on it to halt the introduction of its new privacy policy, saying it needs to investigate.

Austrialia: Laws to combat hacker attack

Australia's government unveiled legislation to crack down on cybercrime in the wake of recent cyber attacks on multinational companies and institutions.


Personal data protection

The guidelines that have already been submitted for approval are just the first steps towards the effective protection of personal information.

Let us join hands to make Internet safe

With the Safer Internet Day being observed on Feb 7, it's time for more countries to join hands and make concerted efforts to enhance Internet safety.

Int'l co-op for network security

The world is also suffering from network attacks, and network security has become a severe challenge for the world today.