Anti-corruption probe to expand in telecom sector

Updated: 2011-06-01 10:54
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BEIJING - Over 60 people, including government officials and telecommunication company employees, were implicated in the anti-corruption investigation revolving around a senior executive in China's telecommunication industry.

According to insider information learned by Xinhua, Ma Li, deputy general manager of the data service division of China Mobile, the country's top telecommunication companies, was seized by anti-graft authorities in March for corruption allegations.

The initial probe has shown that the amount of money involved in Ma's case is likely to top 110 million yuan ($17 million), the source said.

The insider also said that the investigation of Ma has helped to connect more than 60 other persons involved in corruption cases and the illegal money involved could exceed 350 million yuan.

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SOE execs under graft scanner

According to a source who spoke to Xinhua, Ye Bing, chief executive officer (CEO) of ASPire Holdings, a corporation held by China Mobile, had been under investigation since mid-May. It is believed that Ye was among the people traced in the investigation of Ma's case.

As the ASPire corporation has been acting as a bridge between China Mobile and other data service providers (SP), if Ye is found be involved in corruption cases, more people and SP companies might be implicated.

However, while some of those targeted will be under investigation as suspects, others may be summoned merely as witnesses to provide testimony, the source added.

Beginning earlier this month, anti-graft authorities had launched a close investigation into the three top telecommunication service operator companies-- China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom. SP companies, in close relations with the three companies, are also being investigated.

The three telecommunication operators are also adjusting their policies in business cooperation to reduce the corruption risk.