Zhejiang heavy power users face higher prices

Updated: 2011-05-19 16:21
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BEIJING - Eastern China's Zhejiang will impose punitive power prices on big power consumers from June 1 if their energy use exceeds stipulated standards, in an effort to curb demand amid rising electricity shortfalls in the coastal province.

Authorities will monitor more than 2,400 major energy users and levy a surcharge of 0.10 yuan per kilowatt hour if their energy intensity surpasses industry standards, the Zhejiang government said in a release on its website.

For power users whose energy intensity exceeds industry standards by 100 percent, the surcharge will be increased to 0.3 yuan/kWh.

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The government has set energy intensity standards in 44 industries including power generation, cement production and printing and dyeing.

Energy intensity is often measured by energy used in each unit or yuan of output.

The move comes after Zhejiang launched "differentiated power prices" for eight energy-intensive industries, which will have to pay higher power prices than other sectors.

Zhejiang is expected to face power shortfalls of up to 5 gW in summer, or 10 percent of its estimated maximum power load.