Li-Ning partners with Aussie Skins

Updated: 2010-09-02 16:15
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BEIJING - From mass-consumer goods to high-tech professional sportswear, China's top sports brand Li-Ning made a change to focus on the top athletes when they announced here on Wednesday their partnerships with Australian sportswear specialists Skins by launching superior-quality Li-Ning Skins gradient compression sportswear in the Chinese market.

Li-Ning Skins gradient compression sportswear integrates advanced technology to provide powerful support to professional athletes and sports lovers alike, offering them a brand new sports experience.

He Chong, men's 3-meter springboard champion in Beijing Olympic Games, tried the new sportswear for the first time and did not want to take off.

"I felt uncomfortable at first when I put on the clothes because it's too tight, but now after one or two hours, I feel comfortable and I don't want to take it off," He said.

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It is true that bio-acceleration technology is the biggest secret behind Li-Ning Skins gradient compression sportswear, which was tested by China's national diving, gymnastics, badminton, shooting and table tennis teams.

The technology combines special material with scientific tailoring targeted at a different parts of the body.

Over the past 20 years, Li Ning Co has carried out various forms of cooperation with world famous companies, including Michelin, DuPont, and 3M in the fields of design, research and development, and product development.

Li Ning has started brand revitalization recently and launched its previous target changing into top-level professional athletes.

It is the first time a Chinese sports brand to cooperate with an international high-tech sportswear in the fields of marketing and research and development.