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Faces awaiting slaps for stock impostors?

By Hao Yan (chinadaily.com.cn)
Updated: 2010-05-11 17:33
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Many celebrity-linked stock prices soared after the entertainment celebrities' names were found in listed companies' filed reports. Frequently, however, these are simply cases of mistaken identity.

"Celebrity-linked stocks are more and more becoming a subject of investment," Liu Yang, an analyst at China Securities Co, told Legal Evening News recently. "Investors should cool off and examine these stocks carefully," Liu said.

Yao Ming

Faces awaiting slaps for stock impostors?

Yao Ming, NBA basketball player. [File photo / Xinhua]

NBA basketball player Yao Ming holds 675,000 shares in Beijing Unistrong Science &Technology Co. Yao is the company's fourth largest shareholder, as well as the brand's image spokesman.

Beijing Unistrong Science & Technology's net profit grew 3.5 percent to 84 million yuan last year.

Feng Xiaogang and Xufan

Faces awaiting slaps for stock impostors?

Feng Xiaogang (L), film director, and Xufan (R), actress. [File photo / Xinhua]

Film director Feng Xiaogang held 2.88 million shares of Huayi Brothers Media Co last year, now doubled to 5.76 million shares.

Xu Fan, the name of Feng Xiaogang's wife-- also a well-known actress-- was found on a list of shareholders included in a 2009 third-quarter report from Zhejiang Orient Holdings Co Ltd, a Shanghai-listed textile company. The stock hit the daily ten percent trading limit two days later.

Feng Xiaogang said "better get to the bottom of this… Now many people are having their faces ready, awaiting my slaps."

The Zhejiang provincial securities regulators inspected the abnormal price rise case and announced the shareholder Xu Fan was not the well-known actress, but simply someone with the same name.

Zhejiang Orient's net profits rose by 29 percent to 106 million yuan last year.

Huayi Brothers Media's net profits rose by 85 percent to 85 million yuan last year.

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