Ministry of Railways

Updated: 2007-07-05 16:11

The Ministry of Railways is the sector of the State Council in charge of Chinese Railways.

Its core functions are: to draft the strategy of development, policy and statutes of the railway industry, make the uniform rules and regulations for the Chinese Railways with the supervision of their execution; to draw up the developing plan for the railway industry, and make the annual plan and provide guidance for their implementation; to be in charge of the administration of the railway construction, organize and manage large and medium-sized railways construction projects; to draft the railways industry's technological policies, standards and management regulations, and organize important researches on new technology and products to evaluate their achievements; to promote and guide Chinese Railways' reform; appoint and remove main leaders of railway enterprises and the units affiliated directly to the Ministry of Railways; to be in charge of Chinese Railways' financial work, arrange the use of the national construction funds and capitals, and manage the of expenditureof the railways industry; to be in charge of the dispatching of Chinese Railways, supervising and examining the railways' safety operation and the whole industry's atmosphere; to be responsible for the foreign affairs of the Chines Railways and other international communication and economic cooperations; as well as to bear the responsibility for the construction of Communist Party of China and the staff's ideological and political work in the railways system.

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