Baotou Iron and Steel Group (Baotou Steel)

Updated: 2006-11-15 16:32

Baotou Iron and Steel Group (Baotou Steel) was reorganized in June l998 from Baotou Iron and Steel Company (established in l954). The company is a large production base of iron and steel and the largest scientific research and production base of rare earth in China.

It is also the most important industry and the top performing enterprise in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region with total sales revenue hitting l0 billion yuan. Baotou Steel can produce 55 varieties and 1,112 specifications of steel products such as slab, heavy rail and seamless pipe.

In the rare earth industry, Baotou Steel can produce over 7,000 tons of oxide converted hydrometallurgy rare earth product, and 80 varieties and 200 specifications of rare earth products. Baotou Steel can produce 26 varieties and 28 specifications of metallurgical coke and coking by-products.

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