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Mobile payment planned

[2012-07-04 15:50]

China Mobile Ltd and China UnionPay plan to explore new mobile payment methods.

Mobile app shops' USP war

[2012-06-11 09:38]

As customers require more and better functions from mobile phones, cellphone application software stores in China have appeared.

The next mobile goldmine?

[2012-06-04 10:34]

China's mobile advertising market could become another goldmine for advertising agencies despite the fact it is young.

Mobile data sales going up

[2012-05-31 14:51]

China Telecom Corp said mobile data sales will surpass revenue from voice calls as the company sees "a positive" contribution from introducing iPhone.

Explosive growth of mobile Internet in China

[2012-05-10 16:39]

The two-day conference has attracted domestic and international mobile Internet leaders from a wide array of industries, ranging from services, software, games, end-user device producers, and telecom operators.

Saturation point for mobiles?

[2012-05-07 09:41]

The gradually saturated mobile phone market has ended telecom operators' easy growth period. However, there is still enough room for future growth.

'Change at the top' for China Mobile

[2012-03-22 07:53]

Wang Jianzhou, chairman of China Mobile Communications Corp, said he enjoyed every day of the past three decades that he spent in the telecom industry and saw the changes in people's lives resulting from technological innovations.

Mobiles and media innovation

[2012-03-20 17:43]

A symposium on media innovation in the era of mobile communication was held on March 18 in Beijing.

UC Mobile to browse in North America

[2012-02-23 11:10]

UC Mobile Ltd, the world's biggest provider of mobile phone browsers by user numbers, said on Wednesday that it will enter the North American market in the first half of this year.

Baidu looks to mobile search for growth

[2012-02-17 16:54]

Baidu Inc plans to begin monetizing its mobile search traffic and social media platforms this year.

Battles on the mobile front

[2011-12-19 09:29]

Companies scratch their heads over how to profit from new voice-mail developments.

Zhongguancun Mobile Internet Industry Alliance

[2011-11-14 14:54]

The Zhongguancun Mobile Internet Industry Alliance was established on January 26, 2011.

China spurs growth of mobile Internet

[2011-11-01 11:21]

A senior expert said Monday that China will take greater strides in promoting the development of its mobile Internet sector.

New service to boost mobile shopping

[2011-10-20 20:15]

Technology is already in place in three major Chinese cities, with commuters now able to order snacks and daily commodities with a special application installed on their mobile phones.

Luxury mobile phones for sale in HK

[2011-10-20 16:51]

A mobile phone with a price tag of HK$462,000 is shown at a luxury goods department store in Hong Kong

Payments by mobile phone ring up

[2011-10-11 13:54]

Payments by mobile phones in China will see rapid growth over the next few years, boosted by the rising number of smartphone users as more capital and policies are directed toward the industry.

National standard on mobile payment urged

[2011-09-22 14:35]

China needs to develop its own national standard for the fast-growing mobile payment industry.

China Mobile gets US boost

[2011-09-15 07:48]

DALIAN - Clearwire Corp, the biggest WiMax network operator in the United States, has made it clear that it will turn to China's homegrown fourth-generation (4G) mobile-communication technology, said Wang Jianzhou, chairman of China Mobile Communications Co.

Baidu launches mobile apps platform

[2011-09-02 16:03]

China's top search engine Baidu Inc launched a new mobile application system on Friday, seeking to bolster its presence in the mobile web as competitors including Alibaba Group increase their mobile offerings.

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