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High–tech gadgets, not girls, main attraction at Beijing auto show


Infographic: Highlights of China Q1 economic data


Top 10 luxury cars at Beijing auto show


Two students return from abroad to open beer factory


Even China's tech billionaires not safe from phone scams


Mandarin becomes a new vehicle for automakers to woo customers


Top 10 dazzling new car models at Beijing auto show

Alibaba's Jack Ma denies reported takeover of AC Milan

According to Italian media, Ma has offered $450 million for a 70% stake in AC Milan and its club owner Silvio Berlusconi is taking it seriously.

Global smartphones see smallest growth in first quarter

The minimal growth is primarily attributed to saturation in developed markets, as well as a decline in market leaders Apple and Samsung.


  • Wu Jiangang

    New age, new balance and new breakthroughs

  • Wang Tao

    Is China running out of policy options?

  • Bai Ping

    Hello Huawei, Xiaomi, bye-bye big brands

  • Chi Fulin

    Opening-up the service sector key for reform

  • Yang Yanyi

    Market economy status not a bilateral negotiation

  • Mike Bastin

    Alibaba needs to think big on world stage

  • Li Yiping

    How to balance welfare and economic growth



Western media should abandon bias against China's growth figures

Official figures published by China's National Bureau of Statistics earlier this month suggested that the country's economy was off to a good start in the first quarter of 2016.


Sinopec Q1 profits surge 207%

In the first three months, Sinopec saw its net profits (unaudited) grow 206.8 percent to reach 6.67 billion yuan ($1 billion), a huge improvement over an 84.6-percent drop logged in the same period last year.


Cafe coffers are full, but coffee has no moxie

My experience is technology, big money, plush ambience, stylish service and arty seasoning-cinnamon-sprinkled milky foam anyone?-do not necessarily guarantee a good coffee.


Electric vehicles offer new direction for motorists

Boosted by the government's supportive policy and subsidy incentives, China has seen an explosive growth for clean-energy vehicles last year.

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