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'Space-TimeTunnel' opens in Guangzhou airport


The world's top 10 energy-efficient economies


Humanoid robots shine at the World Robot Exhibition 2016


Intelligent vehicle innovation club in NE China


Brick miniature of ancient palace on display in Xi'an


Robots come to town, again


Pottery craftworks made by 3D printer seen in Jingdezhen

Major capital flight in Q4 called unlikely

China's cross-border capital flows are expected to stabilize in the fourth quarter, and major capital flight is unlikely.

China's property loans surge in Q3, home prices curbed

Loans to the real estate sector grew fast in the first nine months, central bank data showed Friday, while the property market as a whole is showing signs of cooling following new restrictions.


  • Wang Tao and Zhang Ning

    Lower headline credit growth, still strong overall credit impulse

  • Dan Steinbock

    Booming Chinese robotics industry a good sign

  • Wu Jiangang

    New age, new balance and new breakthroughs

  • Wang Tao

    Is China running out of policy options?

  • Bai Ping

    Hello Huawei, Xiaomi, bye-bye big brands

  • Chi Fulin

    Opening-up the service sector key for reform

  • Yang Yanyi

    Market economy status not a bilateral negotiation



Sino-French JV to develop giant cargo airship

A leading Chinese aviation company will partner with a French firm to develop giant airships for heavy-weight air cargo.


China's healthcare M&A deals surge in H1

China's healthcare sector saw increased mergers and acquisitions in the first six months, thanks to regulatory reforms and policies promoting investment.


Honda restarts expansion with Wuhan plant

Honda Motor said on Tuesday it has revived plans to expand production in China, beginning work on a new plant this year that will start operating in 2019.


Tech savvies' views on China's AI 'fever'

During the ongoing World Robotics Conference (WRC) in Beijing, China Daily interviewed several domestic entrepreneur pioneers to explore the behind-the-scenes reasons as to AI's growth.

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