Playground and battlefield

Low-end smartphone fight

China's low-priced smartphone manufacturers could face more fierce competition as demand booms and the cost of chips continues to decline.

Xiaomi, Qihoo online spat hides market tensions

When Xiaomi released its youth version smartphone at 1,499 yuan, Qihoo 360 announced a similar smartphone model at the same price.

Apple asks Samsung to stop copying

Apple Inc asked a US appeals court to block sales of some products made by Samsung Electronics Co that it contends "slavishly copy" the two devices.

Chinese manufacturers moves

Xiaomi releases new smartphone amid concerns

The release of Xiaomi Corp's new smartphone is set to beef up the Chinese brand's muscle to challenge global brands such as Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics Co.

Lenovo handsets outsell PCs in Q2

Lenovo Group Ltd sold more cell phones than PCs in the second quarter of 2012, doing so for the first time in a quarterly period, the company said.

Smartphone maker Xiaomi gets $216m

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi Corp secured $216 million during its latest round of financing, the company's founder and president said.


Rich smartphone users tweet less

Wealthier smartphone users are less likely to play games or tweet and will opt for news, travel or finance apps, according to a new study.

The quiet brilliance of a business success

HTC's continued expansion has been so rapid that it is well on the way to overtaking the most recognizable Chinese brands such as Haier and Lenovo.

Microblog insights

HTC always sticks to the products that make great profits in the market. By the way, Android group will suffer a lot without HTC.