BFA Annual Conference 2011 schedule

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Wednesday, April 13      Thursday, April 14      Friday, April 15      Saturday, April 16


Saturday, April 16

07:30 - 08:45 PE/VC Breakfast Session (Invitation Only)

Moderator: Fang Fang, vice-chairman, Asia, JP Morgan

Speaker: Dai Xianglong, chairman, National Council for Social Security Fund, China

07:15 -08:45 Breakfast Session: New Zealand-China Free Trade Agreement - Springboard for Growth

Speaker: Bill English, deputy prime minister & finance minister, New Zealand

09:00 - 10:15 Rediscover the Growth Potential of Japan

Despite sustained economic depression, there is no reason to underestimate Japan's potential in capital, technology and human resources. Japanese experiences in energy-saving, environmental protection, R&D and innovation, management and corporate cultures are still valued and emulated in many ways. The challenge is how to avoid another Lost Decade and get back on the growth track through painstaking reforms.

Moderator: Mikio Sasaki, former chairman of the board, Mitsubishi Corporation

Panelists: Kent Calder, director, Japan Studies, John Hopkins University

Haruhiko Hirate, senior vice-president, Takeda Pharmaceutical

Katsuyuki Kawatsura, managing director, Asahi Breweries

Liu Jiren, chairman & CEO, Neusoft Corporation

Akio Mimura, chairman, Nippon Steel Corporation

Xiang Bing, founding dean, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business

09:00 - 10:15 Chinese Renminbi "Going Out": Prospect and Challenges

Renminbi is going out of the border with the pilot trade settlement scheme well received among companies and banks. The move, however, constrained by renminbi's inconvertibility, poses challenges to China's monetary policy, capital market and financial stability. The panel will discuss the prospect and challenges of renminbi going out.

Moderator: David Marsh, co-chairman, Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF)

Panelists: Jaspal Bindra, group executive director, Standard Chartered

Dai Xianglong, chairman, National Council for Social Security Fund, China

John Frisbie, president, US-China Business Council

Yasheng Huang, professor, Sloan School of Management, MIT

Charles Li, chief executive, Hong Kong Exchange and Clearing Ltd.

John McCormick, chairman & CEO, Royal Bank of Scotland Asia Pacific

10:45 - 12:00 European/American Financial Regulations Bills: What to Learn?

How do European/American financial regulation bills address flaws in their financial systems? Asian financial systems are different from the EU and the US in terms of innovation, systemic risks and market sophistication, and should therefore follow a different approach to financial regulation. How can Asia strike a balance among financial openness, innovation and regulation?

Moderator: Tom Easton, Asia business editor, the Economist

Panelists: Mark Dalton, co-chairman & CEO, Tudor Investment Corporation

Gerry Grimstone, chairman, Standard Life

Liu Mingkang, chairman, China Banking Regulatory Commission

Warwick Smith, chairman, New South Wales & Australian Capital Territory, ANZ Bank

Mckinney Tsai, chairman, Mega Financial Holding

Wang Yincheng, president, PICC Property and Casualty Co Ltd

10:45 - 12:00 BFA Across-Straits Business Roundtable:

ECFA has been signed into effect in 2010 and the Early Harvest Program was kicked off on January 1, 2011 - the first year of the Mainland's 12th Five-Year Plan Period. How will enterprises across the Straits seize the opportunity to strengthen cooperation and achieve win-win?

Co-Chairs: Dai Xianglong, chairman, National Council for Social Security Fund, China

Fredrick F. Chien, senior advisor, Cross-Strait Foundation

12:15 - 14:15 Luncheon Session: World Economy 2011

Moderator: Wang Boming, editor-in-chief, Caijing

Panelists: Lou Jiwei, chairman, China Investment Corporation

Stjepan Mesic, former president, Croatia

Surin, secretary general, ASEAN

Jean Pierre Raffarin, former prime minister, France

John Rice, vice-chairman, General Electric

Zhou Xiaochuan, governor, People's Bank of China

14:30 - 16:00 The Real Estate Session

Given the heavy-handedness and determination evident in government policies, innovation seems to be the only way out for the struggling real estate sector: innovative ideas in strategy, land environment, design, energy-saving, environmental protection, financing etc. Panelists of the session will share their thoughts and practices in innovation-driven growth.

Moderator: Xiang Xi, editor-in-chief, Southern Weekend

Panelists: Chen Huai, director general, Policy Research Center, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction

Lilu Huang, chief editor, China Entrepreneur Magazine

Kim Yew Lee, founder & chairman, Country Heights Venture

Liu Xiaoguang, vice-chairman & general manager, China Capital Group

Pan Shiyi, chairman, SOHO China Ltd.

Linda Wong, chairman, Yihai Real Estate Holdings

14:30 - 16:00 Private Enterprises Going Global: Strategies & Options

M&A activities by Chinese enterprises have reported a record high. As the most dynamic drivers of the Chinese economy, private enterprises strive to be a real multinational company. However, international competitiveness is more than just hard power. How do Chinese private enterprises handle multicultural management? While learning from advanced expertise of western counterparts, how do Chinese private enterprises distinguish themselves and compete in a way the world market feels at ease with?

Moderator: Song Lixin, editor-in-chief, Talents Magazine

Panelists: Chen Feng, chairman, HNA Group

Tak Wong Cho, chairman, Fuyao Glass Industry Group

Jiang Xipei, chairman, Far East Holding Group

Yang Wenjun, president, Inner Mongolia Mengniu Group

Zhou Xiaoguang, chairman, Shin Kong Holdings

Zhu Yulai, president, China International Capital Corporation

14:30 - 15:30 Boao TV Debate I: Inclusive Development

Moderator: Yang Rui, anchor, CCTV

16:00 - 17:00 Boao TV Debate II: Inflation

Moderator: Yang Rui, anchor, CCTV

16:30 - 17:15 News Conference


Wednesday, April 13      Thursday, April 14      Friday, April 15      Saturday, April 16

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