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Electronic components prices go up

By Cai Muyuan (chinadaily.com.cn)
Updated: 2011-03-25 16:37
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The prices of China's electronic goods are still fluctuating due to the ongoing nuclear crisis caused by the Japan's earthquake and tsunami, the Economic Observer reported Thursday.

According to price index statistics from the Hua Qiang Bei electronic market, the composite index of electronic market last week (March 14 to March 21) climbed from 97.97 to 102.40 points – marking a movement of 4.53 percent, the report said.

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Electronic components created the greatest gains. The price index rose to 110.53 points from 102.47, an increase of 7.87 percent. Prices of other electronic goods fluctuated normally. The prices of digital products rose 0.23 percent. Prices of mobile phones and IT products declined 1.42 percent and 0.22 percent, respectively.

Located in South China's Shenzhen, Hua Qiang Bei is the biggest electronic components market in Asia and the biggest shopping district of the country. The price index is seen as a gauge of the electronics market in China and throughout Asia, according to the report.