Disk image hardware solutions become more popular

Updated: 2010-03-18 11:57
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Only if you pay a little attention to the disk image market will you be able to learn that the disk image market is full of competition with different kinds of disk image solutions.

For example, simple disk image software includes IDE disk image, SATA disk image, USB disk image software, SCSI disk image software, etc. Also, there are many disk imaging solutions online. But here what we want to talk about is the hardware disk image tools like Data Copy King, Atola Imager, Ninja hard drive duplicator, Supersonix, etc.

Compared with disk image software solutions, disk image hardware solutions usually have the following advantages:

- Imaging hard drives function at a much higher speed;

- Image drives with a large amount of data and image customized storage media with customized file systems or OS;

- Usually supports multiple connectivity ports like IDE, SATA, USB, SCSI, SAS, etc;

- Able to handle unstable hard drives or drives with a lot of bad sectors;

- Not limited by OS or file systems;

- Use multiple verification modes like CRC, MD5, SHA, etc to make sure of the disk image of intact data and valid data for computer forensic use;

- Disk image hardware solutions usually don't have only one solution like disk image, they usually integrate other functions or have other kinds of data related add-ons;

- Disk image hardware solutions are used by professional IT companies to provide fast data-related services and used by governments, military departments and other kinds of security agencies.

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Due to the above advantages of disk image hardware solutions, disk image tools like Data Copy King, Atola Imager, Ninja Hard Drive Duplicator, Supersonix, etc are becoming more and more popular with different people in different industries. Additionally, the capacity of storage media are increasing at an amazing speed, from MB to GB to TB and even PB, but the quality of such storage media is limited, and the duration of life will come to its 'nightfall' sooner or later. Therefore, in order to avoid the risk of losing your important data, you'd better back up a large amount of data with some professional disk image tools.

According to our research, Data Copy King is the latest, fastest TB-level disk image tool of all the hard drive duplicators. It has integrated disk image, disk wipe and disk auto detection solutions with friendly forensic data to capture features supporting IDE, SATA and USB connectivities. Compared with Ninja Duplicator, Atola Imager, DI and Supersonix, Data Copy King has the industry's highest real tested disk image speed of 7GB/min and disk wipe speed of 8GB/min. Besides, Data Copy king has the innovative bad sector handling ability to bypass and retrieve bad sectors wisely, and it's even able to access drives with clicking or unstable heads after a head swap.

Above all, we hear a high demand for professional disk image hardware solutions, and this will undoubtedly promote the development of data imaging solutions and reduce the risk of data loss, which might cause you a big loss in money and even in your business.