10,000 new standards to quench thirst

By Hao Zhou (chinadaily.com.cn)
Updated: 2007-12-21 15:50

The country will compile 10,000 new standards to meet the standard vacuum in certain fields next year. Meanwhile, some 11,000 outdated national standards will be revised, the Standardization Administration chief Liu Pingjun said, according to today's People's Daily.

Liu spoke on Wednesday at a national working conference on the adoption of international standards. He also stressed leading enterprises should make breakthroughs in key areas and strive to allow Chinese standards to serve as the worldwide accepted standard.

In the short term, the Standardization Administration will work at standards to cover all fields relating to food safety, consumer goods safety, and relative examination standards. Some 95 percent of industrial products in core fields will also have standards to conform to.

Additionally, Liu stated that China should have a louder voice in the composition of international standards.

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