General Administration of Customs

Updated: 2007-07-13 19:22

China Customs is a government agency that supervises and manages all arrivals in and departures from the Customs territory of the People's Republic of China. China Customs exercises a vertical and three-tiered management structure. The top tier is the General Administration of Customs (i.e. the headquarters in Beijing). The middle tier is composed of the Guangdong Sub-Administration of Customs (in charge of 7 Customs regions located in Guangdong Province), two (2) Supervising Offices (located in Tianjin and Shanghai respectively), 41 Customs regions and two (2) Customs educational institutions. The third tier refers to the 562 Customs houses or offices under those 41 Customs regions. In addition, it has posted overseas offices or officials in Brussels, Moscow, Washington D.C. and Hong Kong. Its staff is numbered at over 48,000 (including Customs anti-smuggling police).

Currently China Customs operates at 253 first-class ports (including airports, sea ports and land passes) approved by the central government and around 200 second-class ports approved by provincial governments.

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