China to promote 'green' autos

Updated: 2007-03-08 10:55

The Chinese government will frame regulations on the production of autos fuelled by alternative energies to encourage research and produce of environmentally-friendly "green" vehicles.

The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) published on its website on Wednesday a draft regulation on managing the production of alternative energy vehicles and called for suggestions and comments.

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The term alternative energy vehicles refers to hybrid-electric vehicles, battery electric vehicles (including vehicles on solar energy), fuel cell electric vehicles, etc.

The draft regulation defines three levels of alternative energy auto technology.

Prototypes will only be allowed to operate in approved areas, and more sophisticated products will be allowed to be produced in batches for sale in approved areas.

Only the most sophisticated products will enjoy the same production, sale, and use status as regular autos, the draft states.

Firms need to obtain permission from the NDRC before beginning production, and the NDRC will have its say in determining the level of sophistication of the alternative energy technologies used, according to the draft.

Conventional auto fuels commonly used in China are gasoline, diesel oil, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), ethanol gas, and dimethyl ether (DME).

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