BMW Brilliance to build stretch BMW 5 series

By Rong Xiandong (
Updated: 2006-09-09 09:31

BMW Group plans to produce new BMW 5 series models with extended length via its Chinese venture BMW Brilliance Automotive Co Ltd to satisfy the domestic market demand to better compete with its competitor, the Audi A6L that has larger rear space.

The current BMW 523i, 525i and 530i series models will be extended by 14 centimeters behind the B pillar and the wheelbase will be increased to 3,028mm from 2,888mm, 83mm longer than that of the Audi A6L. BMW Brilliance is expected to build a second plant within this year and the stretch BMW models will be produced at the new plant.

With a longer wheelbase and larger rear space, the new BMW models will have more luxury equipment to cater to passengers' comfort needs. BMW aims to increase the number of locally-made spare parts while ensuring the same quality as imported parts to offset increased costs resulting from added equipment. The new BMW 5 series is expected to be priced from 516,000 yuan (US$64,878) to 678,000 yuan.


The full text is available in the September Issue of AutoChina.

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