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HK receives less mainland tourists
Updated: 2006-05-09 10:45

Hong Kong received over 387,000 Chinese mainland tourists from April 29 to May 7, less than the expected tourist arrival number of 430,000 for the Golden Week.

However, many Chinese mainland visitors described their just finished journey to Hong Kong as satisfied, as they enjoyed much during their visits to the Hong Kong Disneyland and the Ocean Park.

Zhu Lili, an employee of a medical instrument company in Beijing, went back to Beijing with brand name cosmetic products, a mobile phone and leisure shoes and shirts.

Coming to Hong Kong for a second time, she had a "wonderful" time in Hong Kong Disneyland on May 2 with her friend as she played all the games, watched fireworks shows and bought souvenirs from the gift shops there.

She said she would visit Hong Kong again next year for "routine shopping".

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