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IT: China to have 60m bloggers

Updated: 2006-05-08 14:48

Blogging is booming in China with the number of bloggers expected to hit 60 million by the end of this year. China is the worldĄŻs second-largest Internet market after the United States with more than 110 million users. A survey by search engine put the number of blog, or Web log, sites at 36.82 million, which are kept by 16 million people. (SD-Agencies)

Pirated software products worth 140 billion yuan (US$17.5 billion) were sold on domestic market in 2005, accounting for 26 percent of the total sales in the software industry. Among the pirated software products, 47 percent are system software, 43 percent are application software and 10 percent are supportive software, said a report made by the leading group for intellectual property right management after a nationwide investigation on pirated software products. (Shanghai Daily)

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