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Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone

Updated: 2006-04-19 15:19

Approved in December 1984, Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone is one of the first national economic development zones in China. The zone now has a developed area of 17.67 square kilometers. 
Geographical Location
Located in the central area of the economically developed Pearl River Delta, and backed by Guangzhou, the economic, cultural, transportation, information and financial center of South China, Guangzhou Economic & Technology Development Zone (GETDZ) is 30 kilometers from the downtown of Guangzhou, and 65 nautical miles from Hong Kong.

GETDZ is of a subtropical monsoon marine climate, warm and with plentiful rainfall and sunshine.

Communication and Transportation

There are different highways that pass GETDD, such as Guangzhou-Shenzhen Highway, Guangzhou-Shantou High way, Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Zhuhai Expressway, Guang-Hui Highway. The Xiagang main road in the West Zone, the Luonang main road in the East Zone and the Yonghe main road make the transportation very convenient.

Huangpu New Port has a freight transport railway branch line connecting to the Xia Yuan Marshalling Station on Guangzhou-Shenzhen railway, which can undertake the freight transport for the manufacturers in GETDD, The Guangzhou-Shenzhen Railway runs across the East Zone with marshalling stations along it.

The Huangpu Newport which is one of the largest ports in south China is located in the West Zone of the GETDD along Pearl River. It has twelve 20000 tonnage deepwater berths. The port also has special wharves for coal and petroleum with an annual total handing capacity of 15 million ton. In Xinsha Port, the first iron port of China, thirty berths with 35000 tonnage berths for vessels along the Xinsha bank are available for construction. East River Sui-Gang port lies in the east beach of West Zone of GETDD. The passenger transport from HongKong to GETDD is just one hour and fifty minutes

There are air lines to all the major cities in the mainland as well as to Manila, New York, Tokyo, Bangkok, Singapore, Sydney. Melborne and Los Angels at the Bai Yun Airports, one of China's largest international airports .It's just about 41km away from the GETDD.

Industrial Structure
There are six pillar industries in GETDZ, namely chemical materials and products, electric machinery, food stuffs, electronic and telecommunication equipments, Nonferrous metals metallurgy and metals fabricating and beverages.

Investment Priorities
Priorities are given to the following industries: electronic information, bio-pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, automobiles, modern logistics and steel.

Administration Committee
Tel: 86-20-82211783
Fax: 86-20-82211540

(Source: Ministry of Commerce)

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