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Guangdong builds harmonious tax environment

By Xiao Zhan (China Daily)
Updated: 2006-04-19 09:05
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The Guangdong Local Taxation Bureau will attach greater importance to the establishment of a long-term mechanism for sustained taxation growth, the establishment of a platform for high-efficiency and low-cost taxation administration, improvement of service, development of human resources, and a good equation between taxation and payment in the 11th Five-Year Programme (2006-10), a senior local official said.

China now adopts a dual taxation system, with local taxation contributing to local fiscal expenditures and State taxation going into the State coffers. At a recent conference on the province's local taxation, Wu Shengwen, director of the provincial local taxation bureau, urged the local taxation departments in the province to tap new growth areas.

He also called for digital and scientific administration of taxation for the improvement of administration efficiency, tax collection efficiency and reduction of taxation cost among the local taxation departments across the province.

Besides, he said, the provincial local taxation bureau will continue to abide by the principle of collecting taxes according to laws and improve services for taxpayers by honing the service awareness of the taxation staff and redoubling efforts to publicize taxation policies.

"Good taxation work boils down to quality staff," he said. "Heads of taxation bureaus at different levels should do more for improving the quality of taxation staff."

Wu said that the bureau would set up a more effective incentive mechanism to motivate taxation staff and also offer training programmes.

He said that harmonious relations between tax collectors and taxpayers are very important for the formation of a harmonious society.

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