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'Lost' father returns with cash to help his sick child

Updated: 2010-07-15 10:12
By Yao Jing ( China Daily)

'Lost' father returns with cash to help his sick child

Tong Xiaoxin and mother at Beijing Children's Hospital. [Wang Yixuan / for China Daily]

A father has returned to Beijing to pay his first visit to his 5-year-old son, who suffers from leukemia, since he abandoned him two weeks ago.

Sun Hua made the trip to Peking University First Hospital from his hometown in Guizhou on Tuesday.

Sun left his son, Tong Xiaoxin, alone in Beijing on June 29, after travelling to the capital to make use of its medical facilities.

The child's mother, Duan Yanzhen, journeyed to Beijing as soon as she heard her child was without support. She immediately sent Xiaoxin to hospital with the help of public institutions.

Duan said Sun claimed he had been trying to borrow money when they talked last Tuesday on the phone and had promised to return to Beijing in a few days.

"He arrived at the hospital at about 2 pm on Tuesday," she said.

"Xiaoxin caught a pulmonary infection after his last chemotherapy.

"My son did not speak to his father and I didn't chat much either. At least Sun did manage to bring 14,000 yuan with him, including 8,000 yuan in donations from Xiaoxin's kindergarten."

Duan told METRO that Sun is applying for jobs to cover Xiaoxin's medical expenses.

Beijing Huayu Scholarship Foundation, which helped Xiaoxin transfer to Peking University First Hospital, had collected donations amounting to 130,000 yuan by Wednesday.

"More than 500,000 yuan is needed to cover Xiaoxin's chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant. We will go on collecting," said Li Juan, who works at the foundation.

"However, I am worried because we are getting fewer and fewer donations every day. I hope more people will try to help save Xiaoxin."

For information about making a donation, call 010-88028876.