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'I just love cars'

Updated: 2010-04-26 08:12
( China Daily)

Xu Bo talked to METRO about the luxury cars he owns.

'I just love cars'

Q: What kind of cars do you have?

A: I have three cars for private use. A Porsche 911, which cost me 1.46 million yuan; a Ferrari 360, 3 million yuan; and a Mercedes-Benz S600, 2.58 million yuan.

Q: Why do you buy luxury cars?

A: No special reason. I just love cars. Three months ago, I bought six Audi cars for my company, including the A6 and Q5. I forget how much I spent on them.

Q: Does they cost a lot to buy insurances?

A: Yes. It's not that hard to insure my cars, except that they are expensive. For example, I paid 50,000 yuan to insure the Ferrari.

Q: Which do you drive to work every day?

A: I usually drive my Porsche or Mercedes-Benz. The Ferrari is so powerful it is a waste to drive to work. Besides, it is red and bright, so it is hard to keep a low profile in the car.

Q: What's your requirement on cars?

A: Stylish and comfortable. I'm not particular on a specific brand.

Q: Are you going to the auto show in Beijing?

A: No, it will be too crowded. I prefer to go to 4S stores where they have all kinds of luxury cars.

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Car owner Fan Yi told METRO why she wanted to buy a black Mercedes-Benz.

'I just love cars'

Q: What kind of cars do you drive?

A: I bought a Maserati at the end of 2007 for 2.2 million yuan. This model is already off the market. Usually I drive my Audi A8L to work. I am thinking of buying a car in the Mercedes-Benz SL series, preferably a convertible.

Q: Which car do you like best?

A: I love my Maserati - usually girls love its design. But the color is bright yellow, which is too bright to drive to work every day. So I'm buying a black Mercedes-Benz to be less-obvious.

Q: Is it difficult to buy insurance for your luxury cars?

A: Yes. Insurance companies don't like to insure these high-end cars, because they have to pay a lot of money if the cars get scratched.

Q: What quality do you value most when you buy a car?

A: Its style is not important. I have been buying cars for six years and I believe comfort and safety are the most important features.

Q: Are you going to the Beijing auto show?

A: Yes. I want to look at the latest Mercedes-Benz series. I would also like to see the Maserati Quattroporte series, although they are a little bit too expensive for me. Three to four million yuan is their lowest price.


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