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Notice from Mogan Mountain of Huzhou Hi-tech Industry Development Zone to recruit agencies for key scientific and technological tasks in prevention and control of the novel coronavirus pneumonia

China Daily | Updated: 2020-02-14 16:10

Winning the battle against the novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) is currently the most important task for all concerned. The epidemic prevention and control effort directly concerns people's lives, health, overall socioeconomic stability and the country's opening-up drive. All parties in society are taking active actions and playing their part in fighting the epidemic.

The urgent need to prevent and control NCP is the mobilization order blowing the trumpet for action.

As one of the top-100 high-tech zones of the nation, the Mogan Mountain of Huzhou Hi-tech Industry Development Zone (hereinafter referred to as hi-tech zone), has always adhere to the innovative development and excels in areas such as biomedicine, advanced-equipment manufacturing, geoinformation, civil aviation and AI.

To further strengthen the epidemic prevention and control, cut off sources of infection and risk, and better ensure the safety and health of people, the hi-tech zone is prioritizing the efficient innovation and application of products concerning preventative work. Based on the special requirements for NPC prevention and the demand for the construction of a pilot zone for the development of new-generation artificial intelligence in Deqing county, the hi-tech zone has made the recruitment plan below:

I Objectives

With a focus on scientific and technological innovation and application in preventing and controlling the spread of novel coronavirus, the hi-tech zone plans to source agencies which have mastered core technologies and the ability to innovate, and create a group of products, platforms and services that are advanced in technology, excellent in performance and effective in application. All of them are expected to be applied in the preventative work soon and become a benchmark for the positive role of science and technology in the fight against the virus.

II Tasks

ⅰMedical detection

a) Intelligent temperature check technology

Any applicant that claims to have or be capable of developing this technology should have the ability to eliminate data deviation caused by environmental factors in virtue of technologies such as infrared imaging and the internet of things. The technology is expected to check temperatures of large groups of people in real time to safeguard the health of people.

b) Reagent for quick test

Any applicant that claims to be able to fulfill the task is required to develop a reagent with low cost for quick detection of the novel coronavirus. The sensitivity and specificity of the test should both be 100 percent and the reagent should be of value in the application and promotion at grassroots level.

c) Auxiliary diagnosis system for fever clinics

Any applicant for this task should be able to create an auxiliary system to help with diagnosis at fever clinics. The system is expected to help record patients' data including epidemiological histories and temperatures through voice prompts and self-service entering, and assist doctors with prognosis to reduce patient waiting time.

d) Auxiliary diagnosis system for medical imaging

Applicants for this task are required to be able to develop a system with functions of collecting medical imaging data in a standardized and normalized way, and recognizing lung images intelligently based on technologies including artificial intelligence. The system is expected to make initial judgements on NCP, and ensure the rate of failing to pinpoint a disease is below 5 percent and the accuracy rate above 85 percent. Through artificial intelligence and deep learning, the system should be able to improve its knowledge base to increase accuracy in diagnosis.

ⅱEpidemic prevention and control

e) Analysis and release system for epidemic information

The system is expected to give early warnings, trace sources, report real-time information and release authoritative information with the help of technologies such as big data, natural language processing and artificial intelligence.

f) Management system for people who need special attention

Based on technologies including facial recognition, vehicle recognition and blockchain, this system is expected to work in picking people with high risk of being infected, implementing precise prevention, applying for passes online and resuming production. It is required to be able to help deal with companies' applications for the resumption of operation, and collect and analyze the information of people who intend to return to work.

g) Management and control system in key areas

Any applicant for the task is expected to develop a system that is capable of disinfecting spaces, providing alarms, monitoring and publicizing information automatically based on technologies such as geographic information systems, robotics and unmanned aerial vehicles.

ⅲEveryday life

h) Unmanned delivery vehicles

Applicants that claim to be able to fulfill the task are required to develop driverless vehicles for the delivery of parcels, daily necessities and production supplies to help residents and companies avoid direct contact amid the epidemic. These vehicles might be conducive to the improvement of convenience in living and production.

i) Intelligent system for clocking in and out

This system, to be applied in public places with large population mobility such as shopping malls, supermarkets and financial institutions, is required to use the technologies of big data and artificial intelligence to monitor the entry and exit of people, and achieve the functions of automatic card-punching, data storage and decentralized management.

j) Digitalized office system

The office system is expected to provide digital services based on artificial intelligence and big data to increase the work efficiency of individuals and teams. The virtual reality technology is required to ensure that real scenes and data of land, factories and workplaces can be shown to clients even without field trips. An online system for contract signing should be also included for projects the negotiations on which are near completion.

k) Online education platform

Applicants should be qualified to establish an online education platform with the technologies of 5G, cloud computing and facial recognition. The platform, able for live streaming and managing teaching affairs, is expected to assist with the operation of remote teaching and working.

I) Service robots

These robots are expected to provide services concerning smart temperature checks, routine inspections, medical assistance, disinfection and material delivery. Key technologies concerning intelligent interaction, intelligent manipulation, three-dimensional imaging, man-machine collaborative interface and precise and safe manipulation are required.

ⅳBasic platforms

m) Technological platform

Any applicant should be able to build a computing service platform to help with gene sequencing, development of vaccines and medicines, and protein screening with improved computing and artificial intelligence technologies.

n) International exchange platform

Applicants for this task are required to have the ability to build a platform for international exchanges and cooperation. Global resources concerning equipment, technologies, information, materials, legal consulting and financial services should be available on the platform to further curb the spread of the novel coronavirus and to stimulate economic development after the epidemic more efficiently.

o) Other

Other technologies, products, services and platforms that are needed for the epidemic prevention and control.

ⅢSteps for application

ⅰTo apply for the task

Applicants should have a strong ability to innovate and own the intellectual property rights on products or services that are needed for fulfilling the tasks as listed above. Legal entities with advanced and promising technologies, including companies, colleges and universities, and research institutes, are qualified for the application, as well as hybrid teams made up of people from different units. Applicants need to complete tasks within a prescribed period once selected.

ⅱTo prepare application materials

a) To fill out application form

Applicants need to fill in the application form in accordance with the template in the first attachment. The letter of commitment in the second attachment needs to be filled in and affixed by the official stamp of the legal entity.

b) To prepare proof materials

① Copies of the Certificate of Organization Code, Tax Registration Certificate and the business license, or a copy of the business license with the organization code, taxpayer's registration number and the social security number.

② A copy of the identity card of the person in charge of the project and his resume (with official stamp)

③ Proof materials about the research and development abilities of the applicant, such as patents, standards and intellectual property rights

④ Honors the applicant has achieved, such as materials about a high-tech company, a key laboratory, a technological center in a company, and honors in competitions

⑤ Proof materials about the function and application of the products or services, such as a third-party test result

c) Other requirements

① Electronic versions of all materials are needed.

② PDF version of the documents with stamps are needed.

③ Detailed explanation on the conformity to requirements of the task need to be made in the application form.

④ All documents need to be decrypted and the applicant is responsible for the security review.

ⅲTo submit materials

a) Way of submission

All materials need to be put in a compressed file and sent to a designated email box.

b) Contact information

Wang Tong (王彤): +86 15905727201;

Shen Chenhong (沈晨虹): +86 13757230818

Zhang Jiayin (张佳音): +86 18957290719

Pan Jiafang (潘佳芳): +86 18268294516


a) The applicant submits electronic materials.

b) Organizers choose the best from plans submitted.

c) Organizers inform applicants of the results.

d) Organizers provide prototypes and equipment.

ⅴDeadline for submission

Midnight of Feb 29, 2020

ⅣPolicy support

For all tasks above, a total of 10 million yuan ($1.43 million) will be given as funding. After experts' review, qualified applicants that are chosen to fulfill the tasks (at most one for each) will be funded no more than 800,000 yuan. Meanwhile, they will be invited to carry out applications countywide in Deqing. New ventures will be invited to incubate their projects at the hi-tech zone and enjoy policy support.

Difficulties can only be tided over quickly through joint efforts. Let's work on the development of AI products and solutions with a great passion for the regions that need them most. Let's support the prevention and control of NCP with technologies.

AttachmentⅠ: Application form

AttachmentⅡ: Letter of commitment

Please scan the QR code to download the attachments.


Administration Committee of Mogan Mountain of Huzhou Hi-tech Industry Development Zone

Feb 12, 2020

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