Sanders supporters unbowed in protest

The Sanders supporters said they will not give up and vote for presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, despite Sanders' endorsement. Sanders told his delegates on Monday at the convention to support Clinton, but he was booed by many of them.

Trump speech hits China on economic issues

"We are going to enforce all trade violations, including through the use of taxes and tariffs, against any country that cheats," Trump said in the speech, which made its way through various media outlets on Thursday afternoon.

Cooling off in pool to escape heat

Visitors throng to a swimming pool of a water park in Southwest China's Chongqing municipality to escape heat on Sunday.

G20 should support a new tax system for growth: China finance minister

G20 should play a leading role in improving the international tax governance and support the development of a new international tax system, China's Finance Minister Lou Jiwei said.

Daughter gifts Jay Chou album

Mandarin pop's big star shows his fans a different side of his music.

Australia praises efforts to ready Olympic village

Australia's Olympic delegation chief has praised efforts to fix problems at the Rio 2016 athletes' village and said the team would likely check into the complex on Wednesday.

Bavarian bomber pledged allegiance to Islamic State

The Syrian who blew himself up in southern Germany, wounding 15 people, had pledged allegiance to Islamic State on a video found on his mobile phone.

Artist's Noah's Garden blurs reality and perception

Standing inside artist Deng Guoyuan's installation of Noah's Garden in Beijing, visitors find countless "themselves" reflected in mirrors from all directions, making it difficult to know which image is real and which isn't.

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Between rocks in a hard place

I was on a rugged, narrow stone path carved out of a cliff face. In fact it was so narrow that before I embarked on it I had to make sure no one was coming the other way because even two slim people would barely have been able to pass each other.

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Ancient cures for a new nation

A visit to a Chinese acupuncturist has opened a whole new world of medicine for Issa Justin, a young South Sudanese man who is both a patient and medical student in Juba, capital of the world's newest nation.

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