Images: Beautiful country roads take me home

The way home, winding and wandering, is always engraved in our memories for eternity.

Milan owner Li dismisses 'fake' reports of insolvency

MILAN - AC Milan owner Li Yonghong has dismissed reports that he has been declared bankrupt in China as "fake news".

Mountain rail still chugging along quarter century on, ticket price nearly unchanged

With the world's largest and fastest-expanding high-speed railway network, China has updated its railway timetable frequently over the past few years. But the timetable to a passenger train service connecting Yuci and Xiangyuan, two county-level regions 195 kilometers apart in the Tai-hang Mountains in North China's Shanxi province, has remained unchanged since its maiden run a quarter century ago.

Express industry is speeding up green reforms

Packages for express delivery goods in China are expected to be thinner and more recyclable to reduce environmental stress, according to a new national standard.