Li Na served volley of scorn for Olympic rant

Updated: 2012-06-28 15:58:30


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Asia's first Grand Slam champion Li Na has served up a volley of controversy on the Internet after complaining about playing doubles at the upcoming London Olympics.

"What's the point for me of playing the doubles? I have never played doubles since 2007 at the Australian Open. Why do they want me to play?" complained Li.

"I knew nothing before a friend text me about this. I just felt surprised. I hope they should show some respect to the players. It will be my last Olympic Games. I hope to have a perfect ending. It's a great honor to play at the Olympic Games. But I have never thinking of playing the doubles."

One micro-blogger advised Li to be responsible. "People should not be too egocentric and selfish and you should be appreciated that China let you take part in the Olympic Games."

"One who rejects to take the responsibility for his/her nation, cannot gain the respect from others, even if he/she wins every championship," said another Internet user from Shanghai.

Ding Jianing, a fitness coach of China'a National Archery Team, also defended the tennis authority's arrangement claiming that Li, as a Chinese national, should play for her country, but the tennis authority should not have announced such an arrangement without informing Li Na.

Another blogger said Li performed so badly in the recent singles and she may have an unexpected comeback on doubles. This view was echoed by others who hold dim expectations on Li's performance in singles during the Olympics. They think the odds for Li to win a medal will get bigger if she plays both singles and doubles.

Li's grumblings did, however, receive quite a number of followers.

"We support Li's own decision and she should leave the General Administration of Sport aside," said a micro-blogger named dayong1128.

The unilateral decision made by the tennis authority was also questioned by some people as unreasonable. "At least, the Chinese Tennis Administration Center should have informed Li before making such an arrangement," said a blogger named Lilacwine.

Some also blamed the center for not respecting the players.

Sun Jinfang, the director of the Chinese Tennis Administration Center, defended the arrangement by saying "(We) hope Li Na will help more young players and win more quotas for China."

But Li said she and Sun have never talked to each other since the French Open.

"Since they have made the decision, I have to be obliged to obey. I had thought playing at the Olympics is a simple thing. But it's so complicated."

Li's words immediately added fuel to the burning debate.

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