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Beijing Olympics tickets go on sale

Updated: 2007-04-15 13:30

Domestic Ticketing Phases

On the Chinese mainland, Phase One of the ticketing process will run from now through the end of September 2007. During this first phase, 50% of the total 2.2 million domestic tickets for competition sessions and the estimated 26,000 tickets available for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, respectively, will be open to the domestic public.

Orders will be fulfilled through a process of ordering and confirmation by random selection. The first half of the period will be dedicated to collecting orders in which prospective ticket buyers indicate for which events they want tickets, and the second-half will be spent trying to determine whether the supply equals the demand for certain events. This approach provides everyone an equal chance of purchasing tickets that are in high demand.

From April 15 to June 30, individuals can place orders through the official BOCOG ticketing website, by submitting completed order forms to designated Bank of China outlets or by mailing a form to Beijing Gehua Ticketmaster Ticketing Co, Ltd. Forms will be available at all Bank of China branches, in newspapers and on the official website.

From July to August, 2007, tickets will be assigned to completed orders. For oversubscribed events, tickets will be allocated using a random computerized selection process.

A similar ordering process will be conducted in Phase Two, which will take place from October to December 2007. Remaining available tickets from Phase One and the other 50% of the competition tickets for sale domestically will be open to the public during this period. Tickets can be ordered through the official website, at designated Bank of China outlets or the ticketing call center, but in this phase tickets will be allocated on a "first-come, first-serve" basis.

A real-time sales process will be conducted in Phase Three from April 2008 until the end of the Olympic Games where tickets will be issued directly upon payment.

Form of Ticket and Payment

Souvenir tickets will be used for ticket orders fulfilled in Phases One and Two. Individuals will be prompted to collect their souvenir tickets at designated Bank of China outlets. Individuals who purchase tickets during Phase Three will receive thermal-printed tickets.

Payment will be required once the order is confirmed in Phase One. In Phase Two, payment is required together with the ticket order. Individuals may pay for tickets by using cash, a VISA card or by deducting the required amount from a current Bank of China account.