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Beijing's Chaoyang District stresses environmental construction

Updated: 2006-12-21 15:19

Chaoyang District in eastern Beijing has made remarkable progress in the improvement of environmental conditions.

The district set up an office in 2005 to specially deal with the issue because it contains 31 Olympic projects, including the National Stadium, main stadium of the Olympic Games. The number of contracted hotels in the district totals 50, according to Wang Chunqing, deputy chief of the office.

Seeing the endeavor a top priority, the district has made achievements in many areas. It demolished illegal buildings and invited bids to vie for the rights to use out-door advertisement boards along seven roads.

During a two-month campaign from April this year, the district cleaned up the garbage exposed on the ground surface. It renovated a total of 35 parkways, built a batch of model living quarters featuring green spaces. The new afforestation areas in the district reached 246.1 hectares, plus 112.5 hectares of renovated greeneries.

Attention was paid to water protection around the Olympic projects, with water quality of Wenyu River and Beixiao River upgraded as a result of sludge treatment and construction of new drainage ditches. The district also revamped a total of 506 boilers to reduce air pollution.

Wang told a press conference in Beijing on Wednesday that his district will spare no effort to create new environmental conditions in the run-up to the Olympic Games.