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Beijing county to restore 4,000 meters of wild Great Wall

Updated: 2006-12-18 16:34

The county government of Yanqing in Beijing Municipality has announced plans to restore a 4,000-meter-long wild section of the Great Wall next year.

Wang Weidong, deputy director of the Badaling region office, said the county would launch a large-scale survey of the unopened stretch of the Great Wall next year and restore it in keeping with the original.

Wang said more than 200 signposts on the Great Wall will be changed into English-Chinese bilingual signs next year for the 2008 Olympic Games.

The Great Wall, which stretches over 6,700 kilometers from west to northeast China, receives an estimated 10 million visitors a year, many of which swarm around the 10-kilometer segment open to tourists at Badaling, the nearest part of the wall to downtown Beijing.

China's central government has spent 50 million yuan on restoring the the Great Wall.