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Regulations on foreign media's coverage at Games issued
Updated: 2006-08-15 16:40

China will issue next year a regulation concerning foreign media's coverage in the country during the 2008 Olympic Games, the organising committee said.

Liu Qi, President of the Beijing Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (BOCOG), told the second World Broadcasters Meeting(WBM) here that the regulation is aimed to facilitate the coverage of foreign media.

"Based on the promise made by the Chinese government in the bid process and taking into full consideration the international practices of the Olympic Games, this regulation is intended to provide convenience to foreign journalists for their coverage of the Games in China," he added.

Liu said the regulation will be issued and take effect in 2007 after going through legislative procedures.

"Foreign journalists holding Olympic identity and accreditation cards will be entitled to visa exemption within the validity of the card, and with the Olympic identity and accreditation cards and valid passports (or other travel documents), make multi-entries into the People's Republic of China," said Liu.

"The visa application procedures for foreign journalists will also be simplified.

"Reasonable amount of equipment that foreign journalists bring into China for their mission will be allowed to enter as temporary imports with tax exemption and installation and use of radio equipment will be allowed in conformity with the Chinese Law."

Liu said the regulation will also define relevant policies on foreign media coverage of the Games and their employment of Chinese citizens to assist in their coverage.

Other policies being considered include:

Temporary entry permission will be given to motor vehicles from overseas for covering the Games; Foreign journalists may apply for temporary driving permits;

Foreign accredited media may make applications through BOCOG for filming cultural relics and BOCOG will acquire permission for them from the State Administration of Cultural Relics in accordance with the required procedures;

Foreign media organizations may apply to the Press Commission of the Chinese Olympic Committee for interviews with Chinese athletes;

Accredited foreign media organizations that wish to conduct aerial filming of the Olympic competitions may send applications and detailed plans to BOCOG, who will submit the requests to relevant government authorities for approval in accordance with the required procedures;

During the Beijing Olympics, foreign journalists may rent housing for accommodation or offices through legal real-estate agencies.

The 2006 WBM is held from August 9-11th in Beijing.